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Individual parts are manufactured and assembled into heating systems at duotherm Stark.

duoCalor stands for the production of heating elements and their combination with various technologies to produce a single system.

We calculate the necessary heating elements based on customer specifications. The calculated data serves as input for the manufacturing process in our production halls.

The performance and efficiency of the components used are matched to guarantee a high level of reliability.

  • Construction of complete heating systems through the possibility of a combination with duoBase and duoCast
  • High level of vertical integration
  • Individual solutions
  • Electric heaters of heat-resistant metallic materials with ohmic resistance behaviours
  • Application temperatures up to 1,350°C
  • Material groups NiCr and CrFeAl always in stock
  • All common shapes such as spirals and serpentines
  • Installation position: walls, ceilings and floors, sometimes using duoCast industrial ceramics
  • Service-friendly assembly, can also be replaced from outside as system components
    • Combination cartridge
    • Spiral cartridge
    • Flat cartridge
    • Segmented cartridge
    • Cage element
    • Heating register
  • For use in industrial furnaces and thermal plants of all shapes and sizes, from laboratories through to large firms