duoCalor covers not only the in-house manufacture of heating elements but also their combination with other performance areas of the firm of duotherm Stark to producer ready-to-install heating systems.

At the start of project planning, you can rely on our two times 30 years of experience.

We match the performance and efficiency of the components used to guarantee a high level of reliability.

The heating elements are made from heat-resistant metallic resistance wire materials with ohmic resistance behaviours. The most common qualities for the resistance wire materials are the material groups NiCr and CrFeAl.

Fields of use for duoCalor include industrial furnaces and thermal plants, from laboratories through to large firms.

duotherm Stark is supplied exclusively with raw material from the manufacturer BGH Edelstahlwerke GmbH to produce the resistance wires.

The wires are precise and of the highest quality.

A certificate is available for every material.