3D production

3D drawings provide our modern manufacturing plants with the information they need for production. Components can be shown graphically and animations created with the 3D-drawing.

The assembly of individual parts into components or modules can be simulated on screen and functions checked.

We are able to read the following file formats:

  • All Solid Edge documents (asm, dft, par, spm, pwdt)
  • Parasolid documents (x_t, x_b)
  • JT documents (JT) / NX documents (PRT)
  • ACIS documents (SAT)
  • AutoCAD documents (DWG, DXF)
  • IFC documents (IFC) / IGES documents (IGES, IGS)
  • STEP documents (STEP, STP)
  • STL documents (STL)

Please contact us if the file format you use is not listed here. We will then be pleased to help.